Webinar "#WarksTogether - funder briefing"

Aoife Herr

Head of Partnership Delivery

Aoife spent a number of years working in events and public sector conferencing roles in Los Angeles and New Zealand before slowly making her way back to this side of the world. While working for Gartner, she managed a range of public sector partners, particularly in the Education sector. Her work exploring how the relationship between educational institutions and their students is changing rapidly, and how technology was driving this dynamic, led her to looking at how other large institutions, such as Central Government and Local Authorities, are also looking at using technology to engage with residents in a very different way. This led her to join Spacehive in August 2016.

Aoife now leads the Partnership Delivery team, supporting our public and private sector partners navigate, and drive the most impact from their civic crowdfunding initiatives. Together with her team they co-design and execute a programme of events, workshops, clinics and peer-to peer sessions, helping build capacity within communities and ensuring that local people feel empowered to bring the projects which matter to them to life.

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